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Wesak Full Moon Meditation - May 10th
       May 10th, 2017
Wesak Full Moon Meditation - May 10th

SAVE THE DATE --  Wednesday, May 10th @ 12 noon.   Demorest, GA, here at my office, on line, or meditate at the same time. Contact me for more information. 
Wesak is where the greatest window for mass enlightenment can occur on a planetary level. From the perspective of the ascended masters, it is the single greatest event on our planet, one that has the greatest effect on the human race. The term "Wesak" refers to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas, where every year all the ascended masters gather on both the inner and outer planes to share in a sacred ceremony. At the precise rising of the full moon in May, the Manu Allah Gobi; Lord Maitreya, the Christ; and Saint Germain, the Mahachohan, stand in a triangular formation around a bowl of water, transmitting cosmic energies into the water and through Lord Maitreya to be disseminated to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the initiates, disciples and new group of World Servers. At the end of the ceremony the water is shared by all those in attendance.

For over 10 years, I have observed this sacred ceremony. I feel this year more than ever it is important to unite Eastern and Western philosophies to uplift the planet. Hence, my commitment to offer this to anyone who would like to join me either on line, here at my office or meditate at the same time.


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