Inner Child Healing Session
       August 16th, 2021

I've been working with a client who needs to use an Inhaler, breathing machine almost all the time.
I asked her where it started.....when she was a baby and given up for adoption!!!  
This is where Inner Child Rescue work is so so important.   In hypnosis I took her back to that time so we could "rescue", communicate with that child to heal this issue.  The client as an adult then is bonded, like a mentor to the child part of her.   
The client just contacted me to say that she has not needed to use the inhaler or breathing machine since we did that work three weeks ago.  
This is what doing these sessions is all about!    

I'm now a Certified Specialist Healing the Inner Child. The Child Aspect is that little part of the self that often adults resonate to through their emotions This Aspect shows up positively in the adults through creativity, discovery, play, intimacy, enthusiasm, love, passion, intuition, belief and curiosity, among others. The child Aspect may also hurt. Some clients may be carrying the pain of their childhood due to early dysfunction within their family system. This pain has become a subconscious known.

Since the subconscious does not have a concept of time, a client of 50 may feel the pain of a hurt Child Aspect of 5 like it just happened yesterday instead of 45 years ago. As an adult then, their responses to life seem to be infected with this pain, and they appear to act from a Hurt Child Aspect as an Adult. A large part of this work with clients is about healing the Hurt Child Aspect.

Minimum 3 Sessions for $350