Stretching Yourself
       August 31st, 2017

Reflections on stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.  OR how to survive the death of  a loved one.
A well meaning friend mentioned to me how she liked to find activities that stretched herself out of her comfort zone.   I pondered on that for a moment wondering what have I done to stretch myself? 
When suddenly it dawned on me.....I stretched myself by living through, surviving and becoming stronger after the death of my son and my husband.
I might not have climbed up a rock surface or used a Zip Line but moving through the death of my loved ones stretched  me to the outer most limits of sanity.   You find yourself free falling with every thought, word and deed trying to survive knowing you are still "here" and they have gone.  
Not unlike rock climbing where you have to find the crevices, the safe places that will let you pause for a moment to collect your strength so that you can move forward, upward, again.  Looking down....only debilitates you.  
Finding strength in the most mundane of things, the comforts of nature and the spiritual world.  Using your talents to help others who have gone through the same loss, giving them hope to find their passion and gifts to give their lives meaning. 
These are points to ponder.