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How to program your Subconscious Mind
       May 8th, 2019

This really isn't as hard as you would think. And thinking is what it is all about!!! Did anyone read "The Secret" or see the movie? There were many good tips in it about how to use the Law of Repetition, The Law of Attraction, etc to help change your life. However, they left out a very important ingredient!!! One that I have added so that people will fully understand how to Reprogram their Subconscious (s/c) Mind.

Let's use this premise - our conscious mind is the every day thinking mind where our logic and reasoning is located...this part is 12% of our mind power. Some say that logic + reasoning = willpower. That thing we never have when we need it to make changes. That is because all of our programs, habits and patterns are stored in the Subconscious mind which is 88% of our mind power.

When trying to make changes using only the conscious mind's 12%, it's like 88 horses pulling against 12 horses to make a change using only one part of your brain. To make deep lasting changes in the 88% it always takes 21 days, or repetitions to have the changes fully register in the s/c. We must have the cooperation of the s/c. This is the most important ingredient to remember - it takes 21 times or repetitions to make a lasting change in the s/c mind.

To do this we need to remember that the s/c is like talking to an 8 year old child. It needs the 21 days or more of repetitions, it does not hear the word "no or not", and it always thinks it is trying to help you.

When a habit or pattern is in the s/c - it is just there! It is not positive or negative. Therefore, the s/c feels very threatened if you try to change....this is when feelings of fear, sabotage, even the old fight or flight, survival feelings come up The s/c is trying to protect you from making any changes. Plus, it is like talking to a child.

In order to make changes on your own -- you must take "baby steps" and keep things simple. Do not try to change several things at once that will only confuse the s/c. Stay with one thing at a time. Decide what you want to change, write it down, and look at that statement every day. Remember to write it in a positive way. If you say: I will NOT eat that chocolate cake. The s/c does not hear the word "not" - so you are really saying to the s/c: I will eat that chocolate cake. Always state things in the positive: I eat less and less chocolate cake.

Did you know that the 30 minutes before you go to sleep at night are when you are the most suggestible? That is a time to put positive thoughts of change in your subconscious. At the same time, you can also visualize the positive outcome that you want to achieve. Then the s/c will work on helping you make those changes all night long. Remember to do this for 21 days in a row for lasting changes. (sometimes it takes longer depending on the issue).

It is also important to understand that the dreams we have after 4:00 a.m. are called our "venting dreams". This is the time when the s/c is releasing the old problems. Some people have disturbing dreams at that time, they wake up thinking, "oh no, this bad thing is going to happen!" NO!!!!!! this is the s/c trying to get rid of the old habit or problems. Simply say: "Thank you, please keep moving out of my life!"

And remember the s/c mind doesn't like to have a void or vacuum, it will fill it up with things you may not want. So, whatever you are trying to change -- think of a positive thing to replace it. Write that down at the same time you write the old problem so that you can quickly fill in the void with a positive.

Did I say this wasn't hard? It isn't if you are diligent and determined to make positive changes in your life..... 21 repetitions will change patterns in the s/c which is 88% of your mind power!

Have fun and good luck!

Be sure to let me know what happens!!

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