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Clearing and Protection Workshop Update
       October 7th, 2019
Clearing and Protection Workshop Update

We had a great time at the Clearing and Protection Workshop I facilitated in Athens, Ga on Saturday, October 5th.


Sometimes entities tend to attach to us because they are looking for a way "out", a way to the light.   Entities think we are the light so they cling to us.   This can sap our energy, cause illnesses, depression, in other words make us less effective in all areas of our lives.    This important workshop will teach you how to recognize these issues, release them and then protect yourself so that you can remain clear.

So I did the clearing methods for my home, yard and family members. Ava Kai (my 12 year old) is returning to being super loving and helpful. Apparently she did have an attachment. I doused and cleared until we were clear. She has been doing her chore list and asking how she can help! And,  she is also being far more understanding and kind to her little sister like she used to do. It’s awesome.
Thank you!!!
Kim Naugle Long, COA, Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher
Serenity Attunement

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