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Thoughts on using Hypnosis with Al-Anon Programs
       July 26th, 2015

Thoughts on Using Hypnosis in Al-Anon 12 Step Programs

I have the most interesting clients.  Interesting because they are determined to work on the issues that come up.  Issues that are painful to look at and, yet, to release them, they have to be faced.

Lately, I've been seeing a client who is doing the 12 Step Program from Al-Anon*.  She had attended the meetings for over a year, but had never started working on the steps.   She understood that hypnosis gets to the subconscious reason why we are holding on to old patterns.  She knew that it was 88% of our mind power, so in order to have the most success moving through the 12 Steps she wanted me to help her access the subconscious and release all that old baggage.

It has been an interesting process.  She takes each step, works on it for about three weeks, then comes in for a session.  We talk about all the "lessons" or experiences that come up to be flushed out...her reaction to them and how she sees the difference between her old reactions and the new positive ones.  Her comment today was that hypnosis was helping her strengthen her subconscious, have easier access to it, it helps her release her old thought patterns quickly  and not hold on to them.  

In the first session, in hypnosis, we did a ceremony to rescue her inner child.  Many times, that part of us is still stuck back in childhood feeling, abandoned, lost, not heard.  By rescuing that part of us, we then incorporate it into our every day life, thus, eliminating sabotage as we move forward.  We get the inner child to work with us and not against us. 

In the second session, we include the inner child again, but this time we do go to a sacred place where we invited her angels, guides, mentors to come in and introduce themselves.  It is a grand reunion.  I always thank them for coming forward and ask if they have a message.  Many times I have heard them say:  "We have been waiting for this session."    I call this a support team from the other side.  And they are with us always. 

Today was the third session and also the Third Step - Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. Or you can say over to the care of your higher self, spiritual self.  It was a perfect time for my client to turn everything over to these guides as they have the "big picture" of what really needs to be done in her life.  She trusts them and feels a huge weight lifted off her shoulders knowing she doesn't have to do it "alone".  She can depend on her Angelic Support Team. 

It's wonderful to know that a tool like hypnosis can help people release these things permanently because it accesses the subconscious mind.   I call my clients "heroes" because they are brave enough to want to look at these things to improve their lives.   I have helped hundreds of clients over the years, you don't have to be in a 12 Step Program to use hypnosis to improve your life.

* What is Al-Anon  -  Members are all kinds of people from all walks of life: wives, husbands, lovers, sisters, brothers, children and parents of alcoholics. No matter what our relationship has been with a problem drinker, we share a common bond: we feel our lives have been deeply affected by another person's drinking. We meet together to share our experience, strength and hope.

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