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Empathic Experience
       October 22nd, 2015

I know many of you wake in the night around 3 or 4, I do, too.  Most of the time I ask to get information from my guides and angels.  I also sleep with several crystals around me.  One is the very first crystal I ever bought, an Amethyst with Citrine in it.   Over the years I have used it in healing ceremonies.
Recently when I woke up in the night, I was thinking of the word "Empath" - those of us who are so sensitive to others and mostly like to stay to ourselves because our intuition picks up the thoughts and energies of everyone around us.    Lately, I have had many clients....mostly around 35 or 40 who are just learning about being an empath and have many questions about it.   The most wonderful thing is that they now know they are "not alone"!!!! 
So, I had the idea to ask my guides something like, "I know I am an empath to others, but how about being an empath to myself.....really getting in tune with my inner abilities,etc".   At the same time, I put my hand on the amethyst crystal.
All of a sudden many memories flashed in my mind's eye of the times I had used this crystal on my son, Bennett, trying to heal him while he was alive.  Once, he was burned by a car radiator exploding on his chest...I can remember driving up to the mountains to find him in his tipi, I put the amethyst on his chest to help calm him down and reduce the pain. 
Then, another time he had asked me to cut his hair.  He had dreadlocks and wanted me to cut them off.  You have to keep in mind that he hardly ever asked me to do anything, so I took this chance to send healing to him while I cut his hair and the amethyst crystal was there on the table next to him.
Of course, at the very end while he was dying from the car accident he was in, there in the hospital, I put the same amethyst crystal on his chest to help his spirit leave his body.  
I had forgotten about most of these events, except for the last one, of course.  There they were stored in the crystal and the memories flooded through me - I was astounded at the information, thrilled that my "empathic self" got to witness all those memories.  And it's time to release them, let them go and ask that the amethyst now be cleared to help me with new healing experiences.  I'm sharing this so that all of you dear dear empaths reading this will keep searching, looking and using your power to have the most fabulous life ever!!!!  
Many blessings, Betsie 

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