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Office and House Blessing
       December 9th, 2015
Office and House Blessing

I'd like to let you in on a secret of how to attract more customers to your business.  Consider having your office blessed!!!   I'm sure you have heard the phrase, thoughts are things, or everything is energy.  When people come into your office they automatically leave an imprint of their energy behind. It can either be positive or negative.  Then the next person who comes in to do business with you can unconsciously sense the vibration.   Think about when a person comes in who is smiling and very friendly, that is called a "positive vibe" and they leave that impression behind.  Or, if someone comes in who is complaining about their life, who is miserable, that is called a "negative vibe" and that is the impression they will leave.  It's common sense really. I'm sure you have encountered it many times.   The next customer who comes in may feel the negative energy and not understand where it comes from, they may think it is you!!!  Which, in turn, may give them the impression that you are in a bad mood, or that you don't like them....it might make them decide not to do business with you. 


Another important thing to realize is when you move into a new office you really need to remove the energy of the person who had moved out.  What if they moved out because their business failed or they had to declare bankruptcy?  You wouldn't want that lingering negative energy to affect your business.  By doing an Office Blessing it would clear out all of that.   


An Office Blessings is a prayer that is said to clear out any negativity left behind by the previous people.  Along with it, a sacred incense is used to make sure the energy goes away.  It is called "Smudging" which is nothing more than using an incense smoke to clear these vibrations. Shamans use several different sources to do this. White Sage is popular and is used to drive out negativity. Cedar cleanses, Sweetgrass draws positive energy (but it also attracts ALL energies!), Tobacco absorbs positive and negative energies, and Copal cleanses the energy of people, places and things. It is of a higher cleansing frequency than white sage, cedar, sweetgrass or tobacco, that is why I highly recommend smudging with it.


It is also important to do this kind of ceremony at your home.  Or, if you buy a new home, be sure to smudge to release the previous owner's energy.   Real Estate Agents would be very wise to smudge a home that is "For Sale" to remove the energy of the previous owner, so that clients will feel the clear, fresh positive vibrations of the house "For Sale". 

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