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Past Life Healing - Client's Experience
       May 5th, 2016

Another Past Life Healing Session via Skype 8/29/2016 --

These sessions never cease to amaze me, it is an honor to help facilitate people to heal back to the beginning of issues.   This gal is a lightworker, has a twin sister, another sister and brother who are all horrible to her.
This morning before she called, I had a "fear feeling" in my solar plexes and didn't want to work on her.  However, I knew that was a signal from the dark, that they didn't want me to help her heal and clear.  So, I pushed through.
This woman has been to shaman, healers all over the world to try to get help to release her siblings.  I just did my "thing"...taking her to a sacred circle, calling in her higher ups.....then I count from 5 - 0, have them look at their feet to see what they are wearing...she was barefoot.  So we look up the body to see what they are wearing.  She was in a white tunic with a citrine crystal around her neck and she was in Atlantis.
Her sister appeared all in black next to her (this is why I was feeling the darkness).  My client was teaching the student that there is duality in all humans.  Because she was light - she was trying to "force" them to only choose that.  They wouldn't...so she wouldn't let them graduate. 
ALL THIS TIME they have been furious with her....they are her siblings in this life...so, we did a graduation ceremony, she gave each of them a citrine and a diploma, watched them leave the podium to be free to do whatever they needed to do.  This healed the whole situation.  I always check with my dowsing rods to see if it is "complete" and ask the client how they feel. 
Then I do a ceremony with the "higher ups" putting all her pieces back together that have been shattered b/c of these hurtful events and a healing salve put over that to seal in the healing.  
She felt great!!!  I can't wait to see how it plays out in her every day life with the siblings.  But, now she is free to move on.   Of course, there was much more to all this, so many nuances, I've tried to write the most important ones.
I wish everyone would understand how important it is to heal all their Past Life Issues, it clears them out so that they can accelerate into ascension much faster.  It really should be mandatory for everyone.

A client came in this week for a Past Life Healing Session - here is what I wrote about the experience: 

Over and over I keep telling people how important it is to have a Past Life Healing Session to clear out any problems they might have brought forward to this lifetime.  This week, I worked on a client who has constant back problems.  Nothing in "this" life seems to make it better.  So, we decided to explore what might have happened to his back in a past life.  Luckily, he previously had a session with a Reiki Master and she took  a sword out of his back and told him how  important it was to every day continue to "plug" that wound with healing energy so it would heal him on all levels - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.   It's always great to have as much information as we can about these past life issues.

We wanted to explore this problem more, so after a progressive relaxation to make sure he was in a deep hypnosis state, I had him imagine he was in a circle that would be used for this past life healing ceremony.   Immediately Arch Angel Michael was there and put his hand on my client's left shoulder.  Then, Lady Gaia, was talking to Arch Angel Michael and they both gave him some advice about studying herbs to be used to help detox his body.

After that my client was taken to three past lives to help him understand why his lower back hurts in this lifetime.  They were fascinating:

In the first one, he was being burned at the stake for being a witch.  Just as the heat touched his feet, a thunder and lightning storm was created - the rain put out the fire and the lightening hit a building next to him, making shards of wood splinter off which cut his bindings and he was free!!  However, one of the chard's went into his lower back.  He was taken to the woods...and then all went blank.  

Quickly, he was taken to the next lifetime - it was during the time of the Vikings.  My client was in a blacksmith shop working on some tools.  The Vikings came to overtake the village and my client was going to be killed by a large wooden ball shattering his lower back.  Previously, the client had told me that when he dreams, he can stop the dream and create a different outcome - which is very similar to how we do a past life healing.   I remembered he told me that, so I stopped him as the wooden ball was coming towards him.  I gave him the suggestion that HE  could change the outcome --- this is what he came up with. ....he time traveled to the 21st century  (today) and took back to the Viking lifetime a Kevlar suit of armor that completely protected him from being hurt by anything in that past life.   At the same time, other people in his village appeared with pitchforks and shovels, they were able to drive off the Vikings.  He changed the outcome; which is a past life healing!!

After that experience, his guides took him to a lifetime to show him how much talent he has -- he was building Stonehenge!!!  Chiseling those huge stones and being shown how they used fire and water to break the stones into the shapes they needed. 

At this point, he saw a flash of white light and a voice said:   THAT IS ALL FOR TODAY!!!

Indeed, that was a powerful session and lots of information for him to process.  And he told me his back felt MUCH better. 

One of the first questions people say after a session like this is:  Did I make all this up?  Come on...who could make this up?  Your subconscious mind (which is 88% of your mind power) has all of your lifetimes stored in your memory banks ready to access in sessions like this. 


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