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In memory of Stanley Morgan
       April 22nd, 2018

Recently, Stan passed away unexpectedly.  I’ve been thinking of the many memories I have of our friendship.  But, I must say this experience stands out: 

I met Stanley Morgan many years ago at a Chamber of Commerce event.  He asked me if I had ever heard of the book:  "The Secret".  I had not, but quickly bought it and from there I used the concepts and created a class that I taught at a local college.     

Stan was very interested in meditation and all things spiritual.  Over the years, we were in many meditation and discussion groups and became good friends.  (platonic!)  Stan's mission was to help someone every day in whatever way he could.  

I was always facilitating meditations here at my house and Stan would attend with many others.   On one particular day after my husband, Ed, had died.  I had a group here in the living room.   About half way through the meditation, Stan got up and said he had to leave.  I thought he had another appointment to go to, so I said "good bye" to him.  Later that evening we were at a Chamber of Commerce event.  Stan called me over and said "I had to leave our gathering today, because your husband came to me and said "you are in my chair and I want you to leave now, so I did!!"   I was stunned. 

By the time I got home, I was furious!!!  So, I got out my dowsing rods (which is how I contact people who have crossed over) and sat on the couch, facing the chair Stan had been sitting in.  I called Ed in and said something like  "how DARE you tell one of my friends to leave the house, don't you EVER do that again!!"   I proceeded to say something like:  “Well, you HAD to leave and go to the other side, I hope you are happy zooming around, tell me what have you learned over there?"   After a few minutes, I heard him say:  "I've been all over this universe and there is no one anywhere that is as wonderful as you!"  WOW, I was speechless.  I think it was the nicest thing Ed ever said to me.  A compliment I will never forget!!  

Perhaps now he and Stan can continue their conversation!!!


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