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Success Story - Fear of Heights
       May 6th, 2018

SUCCESS STORY -  From terror of heights to jumping off a 60 foot water tower

A client started sessions with me because he had a debilitating fear of heights.  He was a policeman who wanted more than anything to join the Army Rangers.   However, while in training for police work he never ever could participate in any exercises that involved heights.  He tried and tried and always had to back out.  He knew to become an Army Ranger he HAD to jump off many obstacles, he would have to leave the program if he couldn't do that.  He was determined to overcome this fear -- so he decided to see if Hypnotherapy Sessions could help!

From my experience, when clients have this depth of fear I instinctively know that it is probably something they brought forward from a past life.  That is why I offer Past Life Healing Sessions, to help people clear these things from the source --- going way way back in their many lifetimes.  As you might guess, being a policeman, this client hadn't even heard of past lives which made it quite a challenge for me to get to the bottom of the problem.  

In the first two sessions we explored everything that might have happened in this lifetime to cause this fearful reaction.  We had some success, but the issue still lingered. 

Finally, in his third session, I broached the subject, explaining that with his depth of terror about heights something must have happened in a past life to cause such a reaction.   I told him that we really needed to go to that past life, find out what happened and then heal it in order for him to release it.   Then he will be free to PASS the Army Ranger training and have the life he dreamed of.  Much to his credit, he said: Let's do it! 

He sat in the recliner in my office while I led him through several deepening techniques until I knew he was ready to explore why he was afraid of heights.   I counted from 5 to 0 - at 0 I told him to look down at his feet and tell me what he was wearing.  He said  "brown moccasins".  Then, I asked him to describe what clothes he had on - leather pants and he said he was an Indian on horseback.   I gently asked him to proceed to tell me what was happening.   Apparently, he was trapped in a rocky gorge with no way out.  Some white men had followed him in and then shot him.   They thought he was dead so they took his body and threw it off a cliff.

No wonder he was afraid of heights!  His subconscious mind held the memory of tumbling over the cliff (he was still alive when thrown off the cliff) tumbling over and over to his death.   In this life, any time he had to do something from a high level, his subconscious mind would go back to that episode and he thought he was going to die.

This is why Past Life Healing is so powerful.  We can do what is called a "Change History".   I go back to the pivotal point, in this case, he was shot by the white man.  THEN we change it!  I suggested that several white men intervened, stopped the shooting, and then convinced the others to let him go.  He was allowed to turn his horse around, leaving the gorge unharmed.  The men told him they were sorry and he went back to his tribe.  

It seems unfathomable that this would eradicate the terror of heights from his subconscious mind, but it does.   This is such powerful work.  Every person would be wise to search their past lives and heal anything there that is blocking them from things in this life. 

This client has been in the Army Ranger Program since January.  Today, May 5th, I texted him to ask how it was going!  He replied "I PASSED, I DID IT" And at the very last minute they surprised him with an assignment to jump off a 60 foot water tower with only a rope -- "No problem", he said! 


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