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Past Life Healing Experience
       October 13th, 2018


Past Life Healing Session October 11, 2018 

I had an amazing powerful Hypnotherapy phone session today with a client I have worked with for several years.  She always talks about that fact that when she was a little girl,  she felt worthless, didn't stand up for herself.  Her father told her to stop coming from her heart and think with her head when confronted with bullies who harassed her on the playground.   She never could do that so it caused her to feel weak and ashamed of herself. 

So, in our session it was time to finally take her back to where that originated in a past life.  After a deep progression relaxation.  I counted from 5 to 0 – at 0 I told her to look down at her feet and tell me what she was wearing.  She had on armor, a mesh covering and was a soldier in the crusades in England.    Was expected to fight, but turns out she was gay!!!  The poor guy didn't want to fight any one.  He was ridiculed, made fun of and felt so worthless.   Calling in her angels and guides, we went back and did a healing all around that.  Showing this wonderful soldier how special and unique he really was, the transformation was powerful It was  quite an honor to help facilitate all that.

It was also about opening up her heart chakra and she felt her angels and guides taking long strands of filament that had bound her heart releasing it so that she could now live her life to the fullest.  

Afterwards, we said that people should be standing in line to do Past Life Healing Sessions to release all the old hurtful experiences that they have brought forward.    It’s empowering important work!!!  

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