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Self-Hypnosis CD

Learn to teach yourself Self-Hypnosis techniques to improve every area of your life.

Dear Betsie,
Thank you so much for offering your class in Self Hypnosis. I loved it and wanted to let you know how much it's meant to me. I have meditated each morning for years but you gave me a key that has allowed me to go even deeper into my subconscious mind. Now each morning, when I unlock the door to my subconscious mind, I fill my mind with words about success in love, peace, harmony, health and wealth. I have affirmations that I've written that I read during my meditation time. These words are replacing the words of mediocrity and as a result, my life is improving. I highly recommend your class to anyone who wants to improve any area of their life.

Love and blessings,
Barbara Schaeffer

Price: 15.00

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