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Betsie's Book - Mothers Who Cry in the Night

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This book is an intense spiritual journey that can help others emerge heroic, victorious. A "how to" book that can guide you through any challenge in life. It has helped parents and children all over the world.

Mothers Who Cry in the Night originated as Betsie would awaken in the middle of the night with feelings of helplessness, knowing that her son's behavior was spiraling out of control, the only thing she could do in those wee dark hours would be to go to her computer and start writing to relieve her fears. It takes the reader through those long lonely nights, giving them strategies to turn these out of control feelings around, and to learn how to rebuild themselves to understand that God and Love are the foundation that they can constantly return to when these dark nights of the soul envelope them.

This intense heartfelt story includes a rich history of the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley, Georgia and the remembrance of the summer of 1996 when tipis were nestled between the banks of the Sautee Creek and Chattahoochee River. Using the songs and poems of her son, Bennett, Dr. Poinsett's book takes the reader through his journey to find himself in the shadow of Mt. Yonah. The legacy he left behind is both inspiring and comforting.


What is Being Said About Mothers Who Cry in the Night:

In Mothers Who Cry in The Night, Betsie Poinsett bares her soul, no false pride here, and reveals the power of spirit to lift us above the troubled waters into the clear light of love and understanding. This is must reading for anyone who has fought the battle of a troubled child and felt the sting of defeat. Betsie has been there, yet in the loss came the gift of joy and freedom, and the realization that there is no death, only new life. I highly recommend this book.

John Randolph Price, Best-selling author and chairman of the Quartus Foundation

Mothers Who Cry in The Night is a heartwarming story of a mother who has learned to celebrate her child, even after his untimely death... to keep learning day after day from his wisdom. In her investigation of who he was to others during his short life, she discovers a master teacher. In this discovery, his real purpose is revealed, and a mother�s grief is turned to understanding and gratitude.

Lee Carroll - Co-author of The Indigo Children series

Mothers Who Cry in The Night is Betsie Poinsett's inspirational story of healing and growing after the greatest personal tragedy. She allows the reader to join her on this spiritual quest for understanding and meaning. Betsie has served her readers well.

Georgia Shakti-Hill, television host of "Living in Balance" on GaiamTV. Author of Sharing the Light.

From parents:

One night, during what Betsie refers to, in her book, as a dark night of the soul tormented about the situation with my son & his wife, I had a dream of a young man named Bennett appearing with a young woman. They explained that they were there to help me - neither I nor my son nor my daughter-in-law were alone. At the end of the dream, the young man asked me to do him a favor - contact his mom! Baffled, I told him I would try, I just didn't know how to find her. Didn't even know her name. He just smiled at me and told me to just sit at my computer in the morning and he'd help me. So, wondering if I was a bit crazy, I sat at my computer the next morning. Suddenly my fingers just automatically found her website - [...] . Amazed, I saw her book and immediately ordered it. Also, I sent her an email telling her about my dream and how I found her website. A few months later, Bennett came to me again, and once again asked me to contact his mother. This time, Betsie responded. It seems she'd received dozens of emails with a similar story. Bennett was letting her know that he was helping her from the other side! Their story has been such an inspiration to me on so many levels it is difficult to put into words. Now, several years later, Betsie has become my friend, mentor and confidant and I am very blessed to have her in my life. I still use her book for the Addendum of Prayers and have found several other items on her website quite helpful on my journey to enlightment! Rolinda Tubbs

Betsie: I am constantly going back to the book when I feel empty and alone. I can feel your strength around me when I get down and out. I remember little things you say when I'm at work and I want to bust out crying, I realize I am not alone. I can't begin to tell you how much you mean to me. I will always be in contact with you; just connecting to you makes me feel lifted. Love, Terri

Dear Betsie: In hearing Bennett's words, expressed thru your heart I am woken up to my learning's. A new glance a new perspective of life. My heart and soul thank you beautiful angel of the heart! You keep spreading those words! They are reaching others in ways you never even dreamed of! Love, Steph

Thanks so much for sending & sharing this with me. I have to say it brought tears to my eyes in several parts and chills as I read it. You do have a gift for writing! Bennett also had the gift too, as you, of writing and conveying his feelings through poems. I want a copy of the book when it is completed, Please!! Love, Becky

I read your excerpt from Mothers Who Cry in The Night and it touched me deeply... he had a very free spirit and was a very bright light... what courage...wish I could have met him...and maybe I will sometime. :o) Love ya

Mothers Who Cry in the Night is available at all Border's Book Stores (ask for it at the Special Title Order Desk) Order through here or on Amazon.com

Price: 15.99

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