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Bennett's Music - The Dragonfly Collection CD

This CD is a great companion to "The Dragonfly Collection." It brings to life the original songs and music sung by Bennett. He probably never knew that some of the songs he was recording at the time would be the only thing left behind to remind us of what a true musician he was. This CD is magical, it captures a musician just doing what they do best, with no inhibitions

1. The Valley
2. Which Side would you Baby Choose
3. City's Perimeter
4. Dragonfly
5. How would you feel?
6. Starlight, Frozen Starlight (Listen)
7. Turtle Grip - poem recited by Bennett
8. Ain't She Sweet

Track 3 Sample - Dragonfly
Track 4 Sample - How Would you Feel?
Track 5 Sample - Starlight

Price: 15.00

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