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Betsie's Articles
Molly - Summer Solstice 2006
Read Betsie's experiences with a little stray dog during the summer solstice

Eyes Open Wide Awake!
Go to this link to read Betsie's article about Hypnotherapy sessions.

Look Mom I'm Free
Read an excerpt from Mother's Who Cry in the Night in Pathways Within Ezine

Twelve Holy Days Candle Ceremony
In honor of Shaman Amari Magdelena

Weaving's of Synchronistic Magic
Fall Edition, Pathway's Within Ezine

Shamanic Hypnosis & The Indigo Children
Read an Interview with Betsie at Healthy New Age

Lee Carroll/Kryon/Indigo Children
Kryon - Indigo Children - Lee Carroll
This site allows you to find out more about the Kryon related products, view portions of the books and read some of the most profound Kryon Channeling. "An Indigo Celebration" with my story and Bennett's poetry is highlighted and there is also a site for Indigo children there.

Gilliam MacBeth-Louthan
The Quantum Awakening
Cutting edge Channeled information which Activates Stellar /Cellular DNA Remembrance, Initiates Solar Lightbody activation.

Institute for Shamanic Synthesis
I studied with Amari Magdelena for several years and highly recommend her exquisite ceremonies and training programs.

The Reconnections - Daniel Jacob
Daniel Jacob is a champion of the Indigo/STAR children. He has created a tribute to my son, Bennett, on his web site.

Mountain Valley Center
Mountain Valley Center Visit their store and Labyrinth Park, 441 South, Otto, NC 28763 1-888-773-2491

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute
I graduated from HMI and highly recommend their training.


Lots of good info about how to improve your sleep patterns.

Here's what the experts are saying about Hypnosis

How to use Hypnosis to Treat Insomnia
Great resource for info about Insomnia and other mental health issues.