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Day Tripper Sessions
Transformational Hypnotherapy

Escape to the North Georgia Mountains for a day filled with magic and wonder to help you transform your life.  

Personalized Transformational Hypnotherapy Session 

Flower Essences 
Chakra Balancing

$250 includes lunch and sessions 

Please contact me for additional information - Betsie966@aol.com or 706-754-0999

Testimonial --  

This has been a wonderful and empowering experience...it seems as though
everything is making sense now and the pieces of my life are clear and I
understand why and what I have done all along. I am very grateful to Larry to
have participated in this major life lesson for me. What a joy to be able to
grasp that this was actually a good thing that happened. If I had any doubts
left as to how the universe works they are gone now. This is awe inspiring to
me. I feel gratitude that I was able to "get it"! 
Thank you for being a facilitator and fellow

A big hug!!! 




Price: 250

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