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Stop Smoking
in Three Sessions

Betsie Poinsett, Clinical Hypnotherapist,  has been helping people Stop Smoking for over 15 years.  Her sessions are designed to help you take control of the habit instead of the habit being in control of you.  It takes 21 days to stop a habit, therefore, your 3 sessions will be spaced over that time to help you be a non-smoker for the rest of your life. 

Here's what Becky A, Front End Manager, Ingles Supermarkets says about her sessions:

"I had finally made a decision to quit smoking and thought hypnosis would be my best bet! After several unsuccessful tries with the patches, gum and even one time of quitting cold turkey. So I contacted Betsie and made an appointment. I was very nervous, of course, as I had a few preconceived ideas about hypnosis and what really happens. But upon meeting Betsie she put me at ease right away. She explained everything and answered every question for me. Betsie was very professional and very caring. I started her program to quit smoking and found it to be the best thing for me. Each week along with the hypnosis I decreased my cigarettes by half. Much better than cold turkey and less cravings. By the last week I was off cigarettes and haven't had one since! I very seldom have cravings but when I do they are controllable. Hypnosis is the way to go and I would recommend it and Betsie."

Price: 350

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