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Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Two private Self-Hypnosis Sessions for $200

Self-Hypnosis can be used for so many things from smoking cessation to grief recovery to anxiety reduction.

Self-Hypnosis is one of the most natural mental states.  It is a basic tool of the human mind which we have called upon probably since human's first walked the face of the earth.   It is a means of concentrating our attention in a way that helps us achieve whatever ends we desire, including coming to grips with past negative influences in our lives.  By entering into a state of Self-Hypnosis you can control your thoughts, feelings and reactions, thereby changing negatives into positives.

Studies have found that subconscious thoughts are 88% of our mind power and the conscious mind is only 12%.  Thus, when you change the subconscious patterns, you are tapping into over 75% more power over your life than conscious determination will allow.  Some of you may have tried to use "willpower" in the past.  Willpower simply does not work with deeper issues.  Willpower is only effective with minor problems.  Self Hypnosis uses both the conscious and the subconscious mind to give you 100% of your mind power working together to make lasting changes. 

Dear Betsie: 

Thank you so much for offering your class in Self Hypnosis. I loved it and wanted to let you know how much it's meant to me. I have meditated each morning for years but you gave me a key that has allowed me to go even deeper into my subconscious mind. Now each morning, when I unlock the door to my subconscious mind, I fill my mind with words about success in love, peace, harmony, health and wealth. I have affirmations that I've written that I read during my meditation time. These words are replacing the words of mediocrity and as a result, my life is improving. I highly recommend your class to anyone who wants to improve any area of their life.
Love and blessings,
Barbara Schaeffer

Price: 200

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