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Beautiful testimonials:

The first session stopped my sons panic attacks!! Betsie has helped me greatly on several occasions with various issues I was experiencing. Each session I have had with Betsie has been extremely beneficial to my physical and mental well being. If I were to touch on all the ways that Betsie has helped me this could turn into a very long review. Today I want to tell you about our most recent experience. October 6 2017 I took my 11 year old son Jaden to the hospital for symptoms including dizziness. Long story short the Dr's found a large arachnoid cyst on the left side of Jaden's brain. It was determined that Jaden would need an operation that included a craniotomy to drain and remove the cyst. Surgery was scheduled for October 25. The whole experience was very frightening for both myself and my son. The anxiety of having his skull cut open to remove something inside his head was too much for Jaden. He started having major panic attacks. The worst of the attacks came the Thursday before surgery, about 3 hrs before our session with Betsie. Jaden was hyperventilating, he couldn't breathe and had chest pain. It took a long time to calm him down and it was very scary. In one session Betsie managed to take away every bit of fear and anxiety my son was experiencing!! He left that appointment feeling brand new!! He remained confident and fearless about surgery. The night before surgery I saw a small amount of nervousness from J, but nothing compared to what it would have been if he had not seen Betsie. Surgery went perfectly and Jaden's recovery has been nothing short of amazing. I also strongly believe Betsie had a big part in the recovery process as well. The possibilities with hypnotherapy are endless. I strongly urge anyone interested in receiving hypnotherapy to make an appointment with Betsie!!
Stephanie Dyer -----------------------------------

Betsie, how does it feel to be playing such a key role in the amazing changes I am experiencing in my life?  You have been instrumental in helping me know my own value, power, love and intelligence.  This process is starting to be really fascinating and amazing for me.  Every day is bringing enough new wisdom that I would never want to go back even fifteen minutes in the past :) 
My intuition told me to buy a necklace for a girl I'm not with in advance of an event I didn't know would happen, and then it told me to give it to her as a present.  I can't wait, because it turns out my higher self, well, is never wrong.  I'm serious when I say that YOU are the one who showed me the foundational truths one needs to know in order to really know and love themselves.  I'll never really be able to explain how that is true but I hope you get that it's wonderful!  

I keep thinking of Bennett (Betsie's son on the other side and a good friend of this young man)   and it makes me happy to know that he is able to see the work you're doing and probably is participating in ways our humanity can only scarcely begin to imagine. 

THANK YOU for all you do, in my experience you're an amazing healer and you've helped me through the most difficult times of my life in the most meaningful ways you could ever imagine!

Love and light to you,  D

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Weddings & Ceremonies

Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett is a non-denominational minister who serves the spiritual needs of the people in her community. She is available for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, commitment ceremonies and baptisms.

If you and your future bride or groom are making plans for that special occasion please feel free to contact her.

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