Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett’s talk at Clemson University:

April 18th, 2024

    • Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett, Clinical Hypnotherapist, emphasized the historical context of hypnosis, tracing its use back to ancient Egyptian healing practices.
  • She discussed the significance of famous figures like Freud and Mesmer in the development of hypnotic techniques.
    • Betsie Poinsett highlighted her 30-year experience as a hypnotherapist and shared insights on the subconscious mind’s role in behavior and habit formation.
  • She explained the “Theory of the Mind” using a diagram to illustrate how ideas pass through various mental filters before they can influence subconscious patterns.
  • The importance of balancing left and right brain functions was discussed, with a focus on achieving a holistic mental approach.
    • Betsie shared personal anecdotes demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnosis in clinical settings, including pain management and post-surgery recovery.
  • She cited examples of using hypnotherapy to help individuals with severe conditions like cancer, discussing how hypnosis alleviated chemo side effects.
  • Techniques for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress through deep breathing exercises were described, stressing their physiological benefits.
  • The speaker also covered the role of the subconscious mind in self-improvement, particularly during the suggestible pre-sleep phase.
    • Betsie Poinsett introduced concepts like the “Dark Night of the Soul” and inner child healing, explaining their implications for personal growth and overcoming emotional traumas.
  • She discussed self-hypnosis techniques, specifically the “three key approach” and the “Law of Repetition” to reinforce positive behaviors and thoughts.
  • Practical demonstrations of hypnosis were performed, showing the audience how to induce a relaxed state and use self-suggestion for personal development.
    • Audience engagement was encouraged with a Q&A session, where Betsie offered advice on integrating hypnotherapy into healthcare practices, emphasizing its benefits over traditional allopathic treatments.
  • She discussed the importance of having a diverse “toolbox” of therapeutic modalities to address individual needs effectively.
  • Protection techniques against negative influences were also touched upon, highlighting the importance of mental and spiritual safeguards in therapeutic practices.

Rev. Dr. Poinsett’s presentation at Clemson University aimed to educate and inspire students and professionals about the extensive possibilities and profound impact of hypnotherapy in various aspects of mental health and holistic well-being.





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